Designed with the end goal in mind

We created a process that allows us to pinpoint what problems we can solve or opportunities we can create using video. Once we have a clear goal it's time for lights, camera, action!

Learning about your business needs

Understanding Your Goals

Our favorite question to ask our clients is "If we were talking 3 years from now and you were overjoyed with where your business is at, what would need to have happened?" That always gets us off to a great start for our entire process.

Understanding your roadblocks

Once we understand where you want to go with your business, it's time to understand what is keeping you from those goals. Is your brand messaging clear? Do your leads feel like they can trust you with their money? Do your customers enjoy your business's process?

Understanding your customers

Every business is a customer first business. We'll dive into what shared values your brand and customers have so you can speak to them on a more intimate level. The key here is to build a loyal audience and not just a customer transaction.

Metrics for success

Knowing what metrics we should measure to understand if we're moving the needle is key. This helps us find what the real return on investment might look like. This also helps us measure our impact we have on the business so both parties can be happy knowing the results.

Script-writing and planning

Creating the video strategy

After doing the initial research on your business, we can finally start outlining what videos will reach your goals. These videos can range from our flag ship video, a "Story Brand" video, testimonials, educational content, mini-documentaries and more.


Our mission is to help business's be authentic. That means for a lot of our videos, we develop a documentary style approach. It starts with a deep dive interview off camera to understand the flow of our story. We then take that outline, set up our equipment once we're refreshed and build a natural story coming from a genuine place.

Developing the shot-list

Once we have an initial interview, we'll begin to build up a shot-list of all of the shots we will show on top of the main interview. These are the b-roll shots that show everything important about your business allowing you to not just tell.

Scouting for the location

Typically the best way to capture the culture and atmosphere of your business is to plan the video shoot at your business. If for some reason that doesn't seem possible, we have connections to different locations that can fit your brand's feel.

Shooting on location

Video Cameras

We usually operate with a 2 camera set up to capture moments in an interview. We're Canon fanatics but we've been seen using Sony cameras too.


Whether we're going for a bigger than life or down to earth moment, lighting helps shape the feel of our videos. We match the tone of the lighting with the tone of your brand.


Sound is a very important aspect to shooting an interview. You can get away with poor video quality but you can't get away with poor sound. Luckily we have you covered on both sides.


Once all of our gear is set up, we'll set you down for an interview. For some, they love the cameras and lights. For others, it can be intimidating. We're here to make the process as easy as it can, since we want it to be a relaxed conversation.

Finalizing the video and implementing the strategy


Once all of our footage is shot it's time to put it all together. Editing is where the movie magic happens. The key is to add engaging elements while still being true to the brand.


Typically clients are allowed 2-3 revisions. Before we begin those revisions, we ask an important question. Are the changes you want to make for you or for your end customer? It's the difference of our inner perfectionist coming out and having empathy for our end customer.

Strategy Guide

Any video produced should have a strategy behind it. We create strategy guides for businesses to use to understand how and why they should use videos in different scenarios for long term success.


In some situations, clients may ask us to implement these strategies for them. This could mean implementing it on their website, creating new web pages or making it presentation ready.

Be True compared to other video agencies

Be True Media
Average video agency
In depth discovery meeting
Brand Building
Ongoing coaching
Final deliverable
Online ready video deliverable with implementation guide.
Only online ready video deliverable.
If needed, full implementation of videos on website or other mediums.
No implementation.

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