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Texsen Senior Residential Care

"I Want to Live in the Comfort of My Own Home."

Gene Jeffries had an interesting dilemma. Most people didn't know that what he provided even existed. He turned 2 single family houses into residential care facilities. This allowed seniors to live in the comfort of a home-like environment without putting the pressure on their families to take care of them. The issue Gene was running into was the fact that his leads were mistaking his senior homes as big facilities that provided a completely different environment.

February 24, 2019
Senior Residential Care
Video Strategy Producer

The Problem

When it comes to building a brand, clarity is a staple. Customers can't fall in love with a brand if they are confused as to what your business provides. Gene had tried different ways of explaining his business. He created brochures and email campaigns. No matter how many times he changed the words around or arranged the pictures, people were still confusing him for the big facilities. This was a big time waster that meant he wasn't attracting qualified leads.

We had come up with a plan that was compatible with his marketing efforts and tackled his pain points. The biggest issue he was facing was the ability to "show" not just "tell". We sat down and discussed what was the quickest way he was able to help his leads understand what he did. He said giving them a tour while informing them of the services they provide was the biggest lead converter.

The Solution

The solution was simple; create a video that was both a tour and an informative branding video. We did this in such a way that solidified in our client's lead's minds that they were an intimate senior residential care facility unlike the big facilities.

The Implementation

Gene is using these videos in networking presentations as well as email campaigns to generate leads and brand awareness.