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Isaac N.C.

"Rebranding myself with fruit as a designer."

Isaac designs cool brands and apps. He also happens to be inspired by fruit. So much so that he decided to try something different and redo his brand identity. With how much he loved fruit, he wanted to incorporate it into his brand image. That wasn't enough for Isaac though. He wanted to document why he decided to rebrand and show the world his passion for design... and of course fruit.

November 20, 2018
Video Brand Strategist

The Problem

Rebranding can be a risky situation. When you change the look of your brand you can confuse and lose customers. It's important to show why you chose to change your looks or values. For Isaac, he wanted to make sure that people knew why he used fruit in his brand. It's different and has potential to catch people off guard in a good way. We needed to make sure the concept stuck.

The Solution

We created a short documentary showing how and why Isaac used fruit in his brand. We shot an interview as well as followed him around as he prepared to spray paint fruit and take pictures afterwards. We put it all together in a coherent story and handed it off.

The Implementation

Isaac currently uses this video on the front page of his website. He currently works at Microsoft as a senior UX and UI designer. When asked about it, Isaac says he probably got the job because of the video we produced. The reason? They had a look at the culture and atmosphere that Isaac brings. It created a brand that even Microsoft was on board with.