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Code Ninjas

Teaching kids how to code. Preparing the next generation for success.

Code Ninjas is a national brand franchise that teaches kids how to code by building video games. It's an after school program with passionate technology leaders teaching the next generation how to succeed in a technology led future. We were extremely excited to work with Aaron De Los Santos as he launched his very own Code Ninjas in Coppell. When we mentioned our video services at a Chamber ribbon cutting, their whole team perked up. We knew something was about to happen!

February 24, 2019
Technology + Education
Video Brand Strategist + Producer

The Problem

Coding for kids is still a relatively new concept. Not a lot of parents knew coding programs existed, let alone what it did. When Code Ninjas in Coppell first opened up, people wandered into their building curious on what "Code Ninjas" was. After Aaron explained what they did, parents were sold on the idea that they could help their kids prepare for the future.

It soon took up much of Aaron and his team's time to constantly be explaining what their brand did. They needed to bring brand awareness and clarity. It was when Aaron had someone enter their building, put down a broken phone and ask "do you do phone repairs?" that he knew he had to do something.

The Solution

Aaron had a immense passion for helping kids succeed through coding. Constantly explaining what Code Ninjas was took time away from running his business though. We created a Story Brand video that explained what Code Ninjas was and what role Aaron had. Aaron was excited to see that people were no longer asking what Code Ninjas was but instead went straight to asking "when can I sign my kid up?"


We gave him a list of potential uses for the videos varying from networking to expos. Aaron and his team often use Facebook ads in area as well as show the video at expos to generate brand awareness.