Win over customers with video branding.

Improving people's lives is what running a business is all about. So how does your brand stand out and connect with your potential clients? By creating an amazing customer experience through video. Press play to learn more.

"We help companies build a selfless, profitable business through video branding in an age of selfish, high pressure selling and noise. We want your company's passion to be the reason your customers fall in love and buy from you.

We want you to Be True to your brand."

Designed with the end goal in mind

Our process allows us to find what problems we can solve or opportunities we can create when it comes to building an amazing customer experience. Once we have a clear goal it's time for lights, camera, action!



Our discovery process allows us to understand your goals, roadblocks and customer journey so we know what approach we should take to creating videos.


In the pre-production phase we'll develop the scripts, shot lists, lock down the location for shooting and schedule our first official shoot day.



Our crew will set up lights, audio, and camera equipment. Usually this takes place at your place of business and covers interviews and b-roll.



Finally we'll take all of the footage we shot and put it together in the editing room. This is where we mix the audio, stitch together the shots and cross reference the goals your business has so we hit our mark.

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Here are some of the brands we've been able to help.

Texsen Senior Residential Care

"I Want to Live in the Comfort of My Own Home."

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Code Ninjas

Teaching kids how to code. Preparing the next generation for success.

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Isaac N.C.

"Rebranding myself with fruit as a designer."

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The Growth Coach of Greater DFW

Balancing business and personal life with business coaching.

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Intuitive Safety Solutions

Creating excellence in work space safety.

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Brandon Truesdell

Owner, Video Brand Strategist
Building your company's story

Building your company's story is the main ingredient to winning over clients. Storytelling is no longer just a buzzword. It creates trust, relationships and clarity with your customers. In other words, storytelling brings results.

Creating the strategy

Understanding your goals, roadblocks and customers allows us to understand what approach we should take to creating videos.

Producing the right videos

Story Brand videos, testimonial videos, educational videos, and documentaries impact conversion rates. Finding out what customers need to know in order to gain their trust and create delight is what gives us the insight to produce specific videos that move the needle.

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Creating a fluid process for your customers

A company develops a strong brand when they consistently meet or beat the expectations their customers have. With video, we can build on your customer's journey through your process to create a seamless transition from lead, to customer, to raving fan.

We want to help you grow

Need to learn more about branding? Be True University is a growing resource that teaches businesses and entrepreneurs how to build a brand. Whether you're new to the branding world or know a thing or two, we'll dive as deep as we can into what makes a brand successful. We also do podcasts to go behind the scenes on what other businesses are doing to create an amazing customer experience.

Branding 101: What makes a strong brand?

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